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Ok.....Don't start cussing me yet....... and hear(read) me out before you do.

All of these injuries have been a blessing in disguise.

Quizz and KG???.....They have probably played their last game in a Texans uniform...However, it did open the door to the future for Juice and Patterson.

LT, Juice, Jones, new Green and Tunsil???........Has given our bench some real game experience for when they are needed at anytime or for any position in the future......Has also given our HC, OC and O-Line coach some SERIOUS chess playing skills....and maybe a little grey hair in the process!!

Noah Brown and Tank???.....Is giving Metchie and Hutch an opportunity to get some real game snaps to build some chemistry with CJ and build some confidence with the coaching staff......It's always good when you have multiple experienced receivers who can keep secondaries confused.

Perryman and Hansen??......Is giving To'o To'o and Cashman a window to shine!!

Collins, Griffin and Thomas???.....Giving backups some good playing time.....and making Burke earn his keep.

Every one of these injured players are sorely missed and are, for the most part, key to us winning games moving forward.....but, for the most part, are just temporary and minor injuries and are giving our backups some good game experience.........With the exception of the first two, which I felt were on their last leg with the team anyway, will be back after the bye and ready to help us make our run for the division title...or at least a wildcard spot.

The Texans future is bright!!!!

Having experienced backups who can step up when needed is a good thing.....

Having these minor injuies early in the season has been a blessing in disguise!!!



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Getting guys experience is definitely important! I agree with that sentiment.

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