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Nov 19, 2023·edited Nov 19, 2023

I agree with the 28-13 prediction but I've also expressed that I think we could beat them a lot more like 35-13.

With an O-Line that is making CJ more and more comfortable every week we may be in for a massive fireworks display from our offense. I've got a funny feeling that we might see Hutch a little more today because of Noah being down...He is big and fast and has great hands. He also gets LOTS of YAC. He's been on the roster all year and has had plenty of time to get familiar with CJ and the offense.

With Nico on one side, Dalton on the end, Mighty Mouse in the slot and Hutch on the other side and, of course, we can't forget Singletary luggin' that rock.....this could be the first game that we see just how really explosive this offense can be??!!!???

Speaking of explosive....After a shaky start and a cardinal score on the first or second possessin I think the D-Line, LBs and DBs will figure him out....play pissed off...and shut his butt down. They may get a couple of long, lucky FGs to salvage a couple of stalled drives......but that's gonna be it.

This is gonna be a major statement game for both the offense and the defense.....and it's gonna be fun to watch.



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